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I can't say I really get this one at all. It moved way too slowly, which was pretty annoying, especially since there was really nothing that happened throughout. Animation was sub-par and the humor just wasn't there.

Rn86 responds:

consider this rebuttal: your mom.

The attention to detail that this lacks is what really kills it. I think you have down the basics of sprite animation, but there are lots of instances of bad cropping of the sprites, background colors not matching and other things that would be easy to fix and would greatly increase the look and impact of the movie.

It could have used some background and something better than a plain green floor. You are already using sprites, so that aspect of it is another easy fix.

This is a good exercise for honing your animating skill, but it doesn't serve much purpose to post it here. The animation itself was very slow and pretty boring to watch. Maybe you could have had something that was actually moving instead of just drawing and filling in shapes. A good excercise though, nonetheless.

This wasn't very good, to be honest. I get that random humor can be funny sometimes, but there has to be a cogent storyline to back it up as well. This was just a bunch of random words typed into Speakonia and some pretty terrible animations to go along with it. Not much effort!

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This was pretty terrible. I hope you don't plan on playing this before every episode of the series. There are several things wrong with it. You can barely hear the first half of the "lyrics", which are really just you talking. The background music sounds like you recorded with with a really bad microphone because you couldn't figure out how to import audio in to Flash. Animation was poor, as were the drawings. Needs lots of work.

artistunknown responds:

Wow, what a terrible review. Obviously it's going to be in every episode. If you can't hear it then turn up your speakers. And I do know how to import audio into flash, or else I wouldn't have been able to make this. The quality of your mike has nothing to do with being able to import audio, plus the mike I used was professional.

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Poor old sherbert. He looks and sounds so sad in this movie. Great flash, Wade. It is really an interesting look into the world of the NG headquarter's past.

(title in work)

OH GOD THAT WAS FANTASTIC. You turned a kids show into something incredibly dirty, plus who can resist a mustache bearing strawberry. The drawings were quite good. I enjoyed how this progressed from dancing to scat porn in a nice linear fashion. Good one.

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Yes, this is indeed quite awful. Unfortunately your excitement about submitting it was enough to coerce me into watching it, however it did not deliver very much. The animations were quite poor. Very slow and not realistic at all. I'm sure this "Timmy" guy you were trying to emulate will not be too impressed with this either :I

(title in work)

Not much to say about this movie. It wasted ten seconds of my life, which is what you were attempting to do I suppose. Congrats on that. It was decently animated at least as well. And the random text at the end made it feel like a clock day submission.

Little-Rena responds:

Yeah thanks

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Well I'm just going to say it. That was AWESOME. Great music, and a great storyline that tells the tale of that brave clock and his fellows. My only problem is, why the fuck did those clocks have shoes?


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