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I can't say I really get this one at all. It moved way too slowly, which was pretty annoying, especially since there was really nothing that happened throughout. Animation was sub-par and the humor just wasn't there.

Rn86 responds:

consider this rebuttal: your mom.

The attention to detail that this lacks is what really kills it. I think you have down the basics of sprite animation, but there are lots of instances of bad cropping of the sprites, background colors not matching and other things that would be easy to fix and would greatly increase the look and impact of the movie.

It could have used some background and something better than a plain green floor. You are already using sprites, so that aspect of it is another easy fix.

This is a good exercise for honing your animating skill, but it doesn't serve much purpose to post it here. The animation itself was very slow and pretty boring to watch. Maybe you could have had something that was actually moving instead of just drawing and filling in shapes. A good excercise though, nonetheless.

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Neat game, though not really all that innovative or new. The graphics were very nice and overall the presentation was good, with good, intuitive controls. I like how the game got progressively harder... it's much more fun to learn to play this way than have some kind of tutorial instead.

Overall, a fun puzzle game, but it's nothing that we haven't seen before.

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imperiousinteractive responds:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed playing the game. Hopefully I'll have better and innovative ideas for future games. :)

This game seemed pretty novel to me, so that's always a plus. It's a simple concept, but it's very challenging as well. My only complaint is that it was a bit laggy at times, which makes it very hard to play. Not sure what was causing that exactly. Other than that, well executed and presented.

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This is a pretty sweet game overall. You really nailed the retro theme with the graphics, music, simple game play... pretty much everything. The game takes a bit of time to get used to and it's very fast paced. I would have preferred it starting off a bit easier and getting progressively harder, to ease you into it. I think the combination of purple/blue wasn't the best. It maybe would have been a bit easier if they were more opposite colors.

It's a bit one dimensional too. Maybe having different levels that you progress through would have made it a bit more interesting and some more replay value.

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iszlonn responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! It helps me a whole bunch to know what people think it would be better to the game!

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(title in work)

Hmm... It's basically a six and a half minute loop. I was expecting from the length some breakdowns and such but this was pretty much the same thing over and over for six minutes. It wasn't a bad track, had a neat sound to it. But I would suggest either shortening it into a loop, or adding some more variety in to it.

EvilScorpio responds:

Well, it's a BG Music for a game, so it's kinda repetitive... But still, thanks for the review))


Reminds me a lot of the Breath of Fire soundtrack, with a bit more percussion throughout. The highs and lows throughout the song were a cool contrast. I quite enjoy how this went from being very calm to much more intense in a very short time, and vice versa. While probably not quite as much variance as I would like throughout, it was still a nice piece. The ending was a nice way to go out as well. I enjoyed the very quick piano at the end.

Very cool!

I really like glitchy music, such as the Flashbulb, so this piqued my interest. The last 15 seconds where it picked up wasn't so original compared to the genre, but I really enjoyed the beginning of this track. It's a nice mix between a very calm beginning and intense ending. I would definitely like to see this used in a flash movie. I'm sure it would be quite interesting. The only thing this really needs desperately is a new title.

Review Request club.

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SessileNomad responds:

lol yeah i know then ending isnt very original since the AmenBreak is the most overused drum beat in the history of the freaking world

fuck yeah flashbulb, shit is so cash

i think everyone should get used to the title, cuz im keeping it :]

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(title in work)

This is really awesome. Definitely something I enjoy viewing in the art portal is works of this calibur. I think you drew this very well. The deer-like horns are really quite neat looking, though I first thought they were more tree-like. The only thing I didn't find perfect about this was it seemed like there was a lot more detail in some places than others and it stands out. For example, parts of the left side of his body seem rather devoid of detail when compared to the more detailed parts.

Overall, an excellent piece though.

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Quite good

This is a very good sketch of Tricky. Everything is portioned correctly...looks like it could have been a sketch of a scene out of one of the movies, or perhaps part of a storyboard for one of the movies. Really quite good. Of course, could have used color, but even without color, I think you could have put some more detail into the hair/flames.

(title in work)

Again, very good work. Very detailed shading and effects. Definitely a very creative piece that seems like a lot of work was put into. Again, though, things seem to blend a bit in parts, most noticeably in the leg area. Almost looks like he is floating the way you drew it. Overall, a very nice piece of art.

Review Request Club

EchoRun responds:

I think if I were to do this again, I would stay away from the red cracked floor and possibly do a patterned one instead. This one is just too similar to the demon standing on it! Oh well...

Thanks for the review.


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