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Neat game, though not really all that innovative or new. The graphics were very nice and overall the presentation was good, with good, intuitive controls. I like how the game got progressively harder... it's much more fun to learn to play this way than have some kind of tutorial instead.

Overall, a fun puzzle game, but it's nothing that we haven't seen before.

imperiousinteractive responds:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed playing the game. Hopefully I'll have better and innovative ideas for future games. :)

This game seemed pretty novel to me, so that's always a plus. It's a simple concept, but it's very challenging as well. My only complaint is that it was a bit laggy at times, which makes it very hard to play. Not sure what was causing that exactly. Other than that, well executed and presented.

As others have said, I haven't been able to get this game working. The only button that does anything is the "Load Open World Game" button, which changes the text to "Loading" but then the text just reverts and nothing happens. Not sure why that's happening. I'm using Windows 7 and Firefox.

ogier87 responds:

A Update was released Sep 20, that was not suppose to be or ready to come out. With no immediate way to rectify it.

I have just released a hot fix for the game you should have no problem now.

Well, it delivers what it promises, which is jumping. The graphics were a bit fuzzy, didn't really like them. In a game like this, where the gameplay is really simple, the graphics need to stand out. The music was good, if a bit cliche. The medals make this game addicting. It seems impossible to get all of them, but I'm sure some of the medal hounds out there will sink lots of time into this game trying to get them.

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Wow, don't think I've laughed at a game as much in a long time. Graphics are great, and the concept is so hilarious. Great job.

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I always love your work, Clamclock, and this game was no exception to this rule. It was quite a fun game, with pretty good graphics as well. There are a few things I think could be improved upon. Clearly some of the graphical loops look a bit off when you are going at slow speeds. Also, some more upgrades would have been nice. You pretty much run out of things to upgrade about half way through the game.

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A pretty challenging game in my opinion. Though I think the hardest achievement to get was the one on the easiest difficulty. It was a bit frustrating but once you get the technique down a bit, it's just a matter of time. Though I don't know why anyone of a good heart would want to shake SBC around so much :(

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Heh, I really like this game. I can really appreciate the fact that this game was made by someone who actually has experience playing rhythm games. From the looks of it, you're an ITG player, or at least know the ins and outs of ITG and its community. Lots of good songs, like Video Out, Epileptic Crisis, and Monotune. Also... "Pull a Windeu". Good stuff.

TaroNuke responds:

Yup. Google "MAWARU 2 - The revenge", a simfile I wrote, and look for the Video of WinDEU playing it. PM me your reaction rofl.

Also, I can pass 13s and a couple of 14s on ITG :V

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Gee, I feel like such a failure with my score of like 5500 :( I would say that there was significant lag between hitting buttons and them actually hitting Pat's face. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but it was a little annoying to play with. A fun little game for those who aren't patriot fans.

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This game was pretty fun. I enjoyed the setup of the game, as it reminded me of another fun game, the Four Second series. The gameplay was quick and took some thinking to get through, and the medals give it some replay value as well. Nicely drawn graphics and clear sound. Overall, well put together, and a fun game.


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