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(title in work)

Hmm... It's basically a six and a half minute loop. I was expecting from the length some breakdowns and such but this was pretty much the same thing over and over for six minutes. It wasn't a bad track, had a neat sound to it. But I would suggest either shortening it into a loop, or adding some more variety in to it.

EvilScorpio responds:

Well, it's a BG Music for a game, so it's kinda repetitive... But still, thanks for the review))


Reminds me a lot of the Breath of Fire soundtrack, with a bit more percussion throughout. The highs and lows throughout the song were a cool contrast. I quite enjoy how this went from being very calm to much more intense in a very short time, and vice versa. While probably not quite as much variance as I would like throughout, it was still a nice piece. The ending was a nice way to go out as well. I enjoyed the very quick piano at the end.

Very cool!

I really like glitchy music, such as the Flashbulb, so this piqued my interest. The last 15 seconds where it picked up wasn't so original compared to the genre, but I really enjoyed the beginning of this track. It's a nice mix between a very calm beginning and intense ending. I would definitely like to see this used in a flash movie. I'm sure it would be quite interesting. The only thing this really needs desperately is a new title.

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SessileNomad responds:

lol yeah i know then ending isnt very original since the AmenBreak is the most overused drum beat in the history of the freaking world

fuck yeah flashbulb, shit is so cash

i think everyone should get used to the title, cuz im keeping it :]

A bit flat

Overall I like this track. It had good melodies and a nice beat, overall a nice tune, however it was definitely a bit too repetitive. I like electronic dance music, and one thing that this didn't have that stood out for me was a rise and a fall. It was a flat rate and intensity throughout, making it kind of hard to dance to for two minutes. I hope you understand that, not really sure if I made it clear.

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Naerbu responds:

Not enough variety? I'll work on that with my future songs.

Thanks for the review buddy!


This was such an amazing combination of genres. I really enjoyed the IDM style of this. I'm a huge fan of The Flashbulb, who I'm sure you've heard of if you make music such as this. It reminds me a lot of his music. Very ambient and relaxing at points, but then with lots of awesome sound effects mixed in. A very nice song here, great work!

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SessileNomad responds:

Dude i am a huge fan of the flashbulb, he is one of the leading artists who inspire me with this genre, he even inspires me with just his ambient side, not even looking at the glitches, he fucking AWESOME!!!!!

glad to find another flashbulb fan, dont find many of them.....ever...

peace out


(title in work)

A very good mashup between ambient and DnB. The thing I really like about this song is that it changes several times in the song from being pure ambient to ambient with a mix of very fast paced drumming. It's really quite a refreshing song... not like I think when I hear just plain DnB. The only thing I though this was missing is rain at the end. You started with just a rain sound effect. I think it would have been really cool and made this a bit more resonant if you had ended the song with a rain sound effect as well.

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SessileNomad responds:

i take the rain out in the song whenever that sweep up hits, and i just carried on with it when i hit the end, i actually like it without the rain in the end better

thanks for the review


To me it really seemed like two songs mashed into one for a while. I don't really feel the bongos working well with this honestly. And, at around that point in the song, the double bass really stands out a bit too much for me. Much more dominant than I would have expected. Overall a good song, but I feel that it almost lacks a real form to it.

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DJ-Chilvan responds:

yes, this song is a lil' generic to me and to others too. But, if you see my profile, techno aint really my prominent genre =/, but im workin on it.
Thanks for the review!

Very useful loop

When I first heard this I thought it was perhaps a remake of something from a video game, but I guess it is original. So that just goes to show that this definitely can serve its purpose of being game over music in a video game. well done!

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sarias responds:

aw thanks ya it sounds pretty generic but most game over themes kinda sound that way thanks for the review


First, I think the piano part in the beginning went on for a bit too long for my tastes. At least too long for a song named "The Terminator". I really agree with EvilScorpio that the guitar is way overpowering. After the piano stops, the rest of the song sounds like just one long guitar solo to me. Needs some more basic playing to give the other instruments some glory.

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Blackdoom13 responds:

Ok I'm getting that the intro is too long. I agree as well but I liked my intro too much and didnt want to cut it up anymore. At first the intro came out as like 2 mins but decided that was waaaaaaay to much so I cut it down but it still needs a little more I guess. And yeah I guess the guitar is overpowering I'll go back and try to clean it all up a little better.

(title in work)

I've never heard of someone making a parody of a song such as raver's fantasy. I have to admit this song grew on me. The lyrics were pretty funny, though I didn't like the echo effect in the second half of this song. Overall, a funny track.


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